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Programs: Summer 2013 Book Talks

And the Bridge is Love book coverFaye Moskowitz
And the Bridge is Love

On Wednesday, August 7, 2013, Faye Moskowitz discussed and read from her book, And the Bridge Is Love, providing insightful tips for writing one's own memoir. This collection of artfully written essays escalates personal, everyday stories about growing up in a Jewish household in Detroit during the Depression and becoming a writer in Washington, D.C., into evocative language that reads like poetry. Mrs. Moskowitz has said that she writes to preserve memory. We appreciate this sentiment as the Society collects oral histories, documents, and artifacts to tell and present stories for future generations.

Read this locally-inspired short story by Faye Moskowitz:

Even my self-centered 7th and 8th graders at Edmund Burke knew something was not right with me; I had been jittery and anxious all morning.  For days now, my mother-in-law lay near death in a local hospital. She had lived with us for twenty years, ever since we moved from our home in Michigan to DC.  Our family understood how ill she was, how perilous her situation. Still, when the phone call came, my heart lurched. "Mrs. Moskowitz," the disembodied voice said, "There has been a change in your mother-in-law's condition." What a strange way to say that she had died, but along with my sadness was the immediate quandary of what to do about a funeral.      

Our family, like many others is Jewish culturally, but in all our years in Washington we had not affiliated with a synagogue. Back home in Michigan, family elders took charge of the inevitable rites of passage  such as funerals; we had never had to deal with sorrowful arrangements before. So here were, grown-ups now, with no immediate family to advise us, no synagogue to consult, and the hours wasting away until the orthodox burial we were certain Grandma Helen would have wanted.

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Beth Kanter headshotFaye Moskowitz is an acclaimed author. Former fiction editor of Lilith magazine, her books include Her Face in the Mirror: Jewish Women on Mothers and Daughters and A Leak in the Heart: Tales from a Woman's Life. She teaches Creative Writing and Jewish American Literature at The George Washington University.