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Youth Education: Curriculum

Rosh Hashanah Penny Postcard Curriculum

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You and your students can step back in time to experience one of the ways in which Jews in Washington celebrated Rosh Hashanah in the late 19th century. By learning about Rosh Hashanah Penny Postcards, students will create a link to Washington’s Jewish past while preparing themselves to embark upon a new Jewish year.

This curriculum is designed with 2nd–4th graders in mind, but it may be revised for other age groups.

Note: Reproductions of Rosh Hashanah Penny Postcards, available through the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington, are essential elements of the curriculum. Please call (202) 789-0900 or email to order postcards for your classroom. A sheet of 7 assorted postcards may be purchased for $5, including shipping. Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Contents: Curriculum package (PDF)

  • Educational Objectives
  • Background: General Rosh Hashanah Information
  • Background: Rosh Hashanah Penny Postcards
  • Classroom Activities
  • Bibliography